Welcome to our farm’s journey with planned grazing and utilizing stockpiled pasture to feed our custom grazed organic dairy heifers.  If you’re visiting from OnPasture.com, I am updating what is happening on the farm weekly with pictures and musings as we progress paddock by paddock into the unknowns of weather and other challenges perhaps.  Maybe it will be a cold and snowless winter, NOT!  We still have not received a killing frost (last year was October 13th).  We started this adventure on October 17th after stockpiling our farm’s fields 60 to 130 days.  This activity was planned so we could graze till January 1st without feeding any hay.  (Thanks Jim Gerrish and Greg Judy).  I will be taking pasture samples weekly to see how the quality holds up over the 75 days and what the economics say the forage is worth.  I’ve also taken soil samples to measure the progress of our soil health and fertility since adopting holistic planned grazing in 2008.  I will share in the coming weeks.

I am passionate about the decision-making power of keeping some sort of grazing monitoring tool.  This project is self-funded for the benefit of all who are sick of moving beyond hopeful grazing and want to make real progress in their grazing operation.  That’s why I’m doing this.  I plan on succeeding and you will see first hand if I’m full of it or the plan is solid enough to work.  I’ve done the calculations, measured my inventory, marked off the paddock sizes and figured everything conservatively so it could work on any farm with any animals.  Enjoy the next 75 days. GWSlide5Slide4Slide3Slide2Slide9Slide8Slide7Slide6