Slide16November 3rd through November 10th saw the heifers graze off Paddock 12 and start into Paddock 9.  The weather was relatively normal except for a cold raw day on November 7th in which we got rain with a smattering of snow.  My conservation district office picked up 2 inches of snow.  The forage sample came back from Paddock 10 and showed 13 percent protein with 56 ME energy level.  It’s a bit deceiving since they usually take the goodies the first 6 hours and need the older grass to offset the protein.  They look good and barely bawl so they are content.  The dairy nutrition websites say the heifers will do fine on this feed but would rather have 60-65 ME energy.  As they continue through the paddock system the grass may actually get better since it hasn’t been sitting for so long.  It is interesting to see how the forage height has “melted” down closer to the ground.  I picked up an extra day to the plan which brings me to 6 days ahead of schedule. Slide18 The bucks are in rut and I am changing to moving the heifers in the morning since its a bitch to get home from work before dark.  It looks like the end of the week is going to be colder but snow doesn’t look like a game-changer.  So steady as she goes just moving a fence ahead about 80 feet x 300 feet ahead per day.Slide17Slide19