The Stockpiling Story Continues Part 6Slide34

This week’s installment from November 24th to November 28th started off green (after a 67 degree Monday) and ended with 7 inches of the white stuff.  Welcome to Northeast weather!  Grazing paddock 6 was pretty straightforward with daily moves of about 100’ x 300’.  Since I was home for Thanksgiving (and needed extra exercise), I moved the fences twice per day because the weather was crappy and cold so it paid to give the heifers extra fresh feed to provide them energy to battle the elements. 

If you want to see the conditions look at my video:

Even though they had access to water during the snow event on Thursday and Friday, they never went for water.  The forage was more succulent as it was only 100


day’s old.  Since they can go back to the woods for cover (Slide35Slide36paddock 7 & 8), you could see they took full advantage of it to get out of the wind.  Just another reason to have woods and hedgerows integrated into your operation, right Brett Chedzoy??

They entered paddock 4 & 5 on Saturday and are moving down the hill towards our house for this coming Saturday’s pasture walk.  Because everything will be so handy, there will be lots of opportunity to look at animal body scores, residuals, riparian grazing, worm life, forage heights, predicting pasture allocation, forage sampling and seeing what the next 30 days will look like.  The weather looks to be in the 30’s with chances of rain and snow all week so be prepared with your carharts.Slide38Slide37