It’s that time again to work towards improved decision-making with your grazing management.  It pays to measure and monitor and I’ve found this tool invaluable for reducing stress and growing more grass.  New this year, I’ve enclosed 3 real examples(2 grazing and 1 crop) of how the charts have been used and how they were laid out, including my own.  Many have asked,  How do I get started?  I’m hoping these will give a glimpse of how to get set-up.  Since they are excel files, you are free to draft other templates that serve a customer better.  In my case, this chart and its verification capabilities brought my organic inspection down from 6 hours to just 2 hours.  I can be a great tool or a first step to better grazing management.  And we all need improved grazing management!  Look at the resources below and give it a try.  Thanks  GW

Troy’s Grazing Charts and How To Use Them