You can learn a LOT in a pasture!

Troy is accomplished at leading pasture walks that shine a new light on forages and their management.  By looking at what they see in a neighbor’s pasture, participants can compare it to their own results, turning a walk through a field into a practical grazing seminar.

Here are some of the groups and organizations inviting Troy to lead pasture walks:

  • Local Farmer Groups and Soil and Water Conservation Districts
  • Rodale Institute
  • Northeast SARE, NY Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative and NOFA-NY
  • Cornell, WVU and Maryland Cooperative Extension Services
  • Vermont Grass Farmers Association
  • Pennsylvania Certified Organic and the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Interested in your own pasture walk?  Drop Troy a note!

Troy is an accomplished presenter and Keynote speaker

Here are just a few of the conferences and organizations Troy has addressed:

  • Grasstravaganza
  • Graze-a-palooza
  • Pennsylvania Assocation for Sustainable Agriculture annual conference
  • Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
  • Ecological Farmers of Ontario
  • Great Lakes Grazing Conference
  • University of Guelph
  • Virginia Association for Biological Farming
  • Winter Green-up

When you need more in-depth, hands-on information, a workshop is just the ticket!

Workshops give participants a chance to delve deeper into a topic.  There’s lots of time for Questions and Answers and opportunities to apply information directly to a participants personal operation.  Examples of workshops include:

  • Fallow Land Development
  • Learning the Custom Grazing Business
  • Grazing Chart and Biological Monitoring Instruction
  • How to Be A Media Guru
  • Extending the Grazing Season
  • Understanding and Managing Soil Health

Here’s information you can use in flyers, brochures and conference handouts.

Troy Bishopp, aka “The Grass Whisperer” is an accomplished professional grazier of 27 years, a grasslands advocate, and a voice for grassfed livestock producers to the media, consumers, restaurateurs and policy-makers.  In addition to working with the Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Upper Susquehanna Coalition as their regional grazing specialist, Troy is a free-lance writer for a variety of publications, and a popular presenter for workshops and conferences.  Troy brings a holistic approach to grazing planning.  Instead of thinking in terms of grazing 8 inches down to 2 inch residuals, he helps farmers chart a course that pays attention to their personal goals as well as their profits.

Fee schedule:  (Telephone consultation is available at $50/hr.  Basic rate for presentations or workshops are generally $750/day + expenses, mileage etc. depending on customer needs.

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