Bishopp Family Farm

In 2010, this fifth generation family farm was presented with the prestigious Century Farm Award by the New York State Agricultural Society for its community service and continuous operation since 1877.  Now Troy custom grazes dairy heifers on the farm’s 100 acres of organic pasture, woods, hedgerows and riparian areas in the Oriskany Creek Watershed.  With its deep rooted, diverse grasslands, plateaus and vistas overlooking the Mohawk Valley, it makes a great home for wildlife and grassland birds and provides opportunities for photographers and artists to capture nature’s beauty.

More About The Farm

Our Mission
We strive for a stress-free life.  We want our topsoil covered by diverse pastures harvested by animals, thus recycling solar energy and activating biological life to provide a sustainable profit.  We want to regenerate our community with local food, create a savannah for wildlife, and create a place for the next generation to thrive.
Visiting the Farm
Tours and rates provided on request.

Meet Our Team

Troy Bishopp
Troy BishoppThe GrassWhisperer
Troy is known for his work wear; sometimes suits to make presentations, and often grass-based t-shirts that make a point. (He’s even making some of his own now.  Check them out here!)
”CorrineQueen Snipper, an ode to my wife.
The Livestock
The LivestockGrass Converters
We’re custom grazing dairy heifers for a nearby dairy.