I’m Sorry I Missed Your Drought Party

I’m Sorry I Missed Your Drought Party

By Troy Bishopp

Word on the street says you gain experience just after you really need it and you’re supposed to learn from past experiences in an effort to not repeat. After 32 years in the managed grazing bu
siness, I’m not supposed to be surprised anymore.  That was until the dry spell of 2012 when I literally got burned.

That year in the Northeast we had a warm winter followed by a grazing season with 25 days of over 90 degrees and very sporadic rain. This was a period where it might sprinkle every [...]

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Grass Whisperer Captures National Conservation Photo Awards

Grass Whispering Conservationist and Farmer Captures National Conservation Photo Awards

Denver Colorado — The 2016 winners of the National Association of Conservation District’s poster and photo contests were announced at the organization’s 71st Annual Meeting on Jan 31st. Each year, the NACD photo and poster contests give students and adults alike the opportunity to display their artistic talents on a national stage. 

The National Association of Conservation Districts is the non-profit organization that represents the nation’s 3,000 conservation districts, their state associations and the 17,000 men and women who serve on their governing boards. For more than 70 years, local [...]

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Be the Yeoman Farmer

Be the Yeoman Farmer

By Troy Bishopp

Morrisville, N.Y.—If you were looking for inspiration to start down an agrarian path, chances are Mark and Kristin Kimball from Essex Farm on the shores of Lake Champlain, could steer your heart and hands into the wonderfully messy and delicious life of farming.

With the spirit of Thomas Jefferson’s yeoman farmer sentiment: Farmer, author of The Dirty Life, and keynote speaker, Kristin Kimball conjured up the importance of local farms at the 1st Annual Madison County Small Farm and Homestead Fair held at Morrisville College.  “I still believe in Jefferson’s notion that “Agriculture is our [...]

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Small is Beautiful

Small is Beautiful
Morrisville, NY- The first Annual Madison County Small Farm and Homestead Fair filled Morrisville State College’s Quad to capacity with first-time farmers, gardeners, homesteaders, dreamers and interested local food connoisseurs.  The event was organized by a coalition of supporters featuring the teams from Chicks and Hens, Madison County Cornell Cooperative Extension, Madison County AED Program with sponsorship from Farm Credit East, Cazenovia Equipment Co., Tractor Supply Co., Betterbee, Blue Seal Feeds, Farm Family Insurance and Davidson Ford.

The fun-filled fair featured expert speakers, over 60 local exhibitors and national vendors, and hands-on demonstrations geared towards would-be small [...]

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The Carbon Paw-Print according to Riley, The Rat Terrier

 The Carbon Paw-Print according to Riley 

Interpreted by Troy Bishopp

Hey Folks, Riley the Rat Terrier here . 

I’m barkin’ mad after reading Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living, by so-called sustainable living experts, Robert and Brenda Vale from New Zealand.  Who do they think they are comparing my “carbon paw-print” (pet-generated carbon footprints) to a Volkswagon’s exhaust system?

They said my canine brethren are devastating wildlife, spreading disease and polluting. And here I thought rolling in a dead mouse or raiding the litter box once in a while was a good thing!  My mom never prepared [...]

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2017 Winter Green-Up Conference Builds Connections

2017 Winter Green-Up Conference Builds Connections

By Troy Bishopp

Latham, N.Y.-When Indiana farmer and guest speaker, Blaine Hitzfield, suggested that adopting a new belief system in agriculture was needed for success, 140 fellow farmers took notice. “Timing is on our side, as the consumer is actively seeking an authentic story from their community. But will you change your position and climb the value chain in the market?” asked the marketing manager for the Seven Sons Farm operation.

This year’s 9th annual Winter Green-Up grazing gala hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Albany County and Black Queen Angus Farm, LLC. featured making these [...]

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